Creative Photography: Bristol, 19th November 2018

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  • 1 full day workshop, in person (max. 6 attendees per course)
  • A beautiful full colour course book, containing all the technical information you need, illustrated examples for you to advance your photography
  • Membership to a dedicated and private Facebook group for you to share your work, ask questions and take part in regular challenges to advance your photographic skills

Your Tutors: Ria Mishaal ARPS, David F Cooke FRPS EFIAP

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Creative Photography: from daily practice to digital art

This course explores the creative process, from developing your own creative vision to working in projects, we will arm you with the tools you need to become confident in developing original work which feeds your soul. We will also discuss what it is like to live and work as a creative person and tools to help productivity and confidence.

This course comprises:

Fine Art photography is the product of the creative vision of the artist as photographer. It is work designed to fulfil that vision and to be appreciated primarily for its own imaginative, aesthetic and intellectual content. The subject matter is not specific and can be wide-ranging, in the same way as the paintings you see in art galleries are.

Good Fine Art Photographs express the ideas, perceptions and emotions of the photographer clearly and in such a way that they can be understood and appreciated by others. To do this successfully you need to identify your artistic interests and develop the necessary creative vision and technical skills required to produce the images you want.

We will cover:

  • Discovering your artistic interests
    • Organising your ideas
    • Gathering your material
    • Deciding what your interests are
  • Creative Vision
    • Seeing and imagination
    • Inspiration – how to get inspired and how to come up with new ideas
    • Developing the ability to critique your own work and that of others
    • Learning to experiment
    • Developing your own style
    • Creativity and consistency
  • Capturing your images
    • Deciding on which images you would like to take
    • Composition
    • Use of light
    • Camera settings
  • Working in projects
    • Deciding on a project
    • Planning a project
  • The work of selected Fine Art Photographers
    • We will discuss the work of four fine art photographers who take different approaches to their work, and utilise different skills
  •  Working and living as a creative
    • Daily practice – managing confidence
    • Being a creative and a manager – time management and goal setting


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