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Ria Mishaal is passionate about crafting authentic and artistic imagery. Following a university career in neuroscience, where she developed a passion for excellent and well-structured teaching, she built her own wedding and portrait business which has grown to a six figure turnover.

She is largely self taught, having fallen for capturing her travels and the wild nature around her where she grew up in rural Hampshire. She has taught photography to small groups of professionals, both for the Royal Photographic Society and other photography collectives, and taught science at university level.

Ria is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and has published widely in print and online.

Curiosity, creativity and collaboration are principles she lives by. There is nothing quite like the feeling of communicating skills and knowledge that allow others to flourish.

Ria is a Co-Founder of ‘The Creativity Collective’ and writes and teaches for the Collective.


David Cooke, like many photographers, has been interested in photography since he was at school, taking most of the images for the school magazine. Later, at Leeds University, he worked on the weekly student newspaper, firstly as Pictures Editor and later as Features Editor and then Assistant Editor.

After graduating and subsequently getting his PhD in combustion engineering, he worked in industry and local government before joining the UK Open University. As a senior academic at the OU for over 20 years, he was involved in the production and presentation of courses, both as course team chair and as a writer. This has given him a deep and detailed understanding of adult education and teaching techniques for students both in small groups and at a distance.

During this time, photography took a back seat until he was given a Nikon D70 for his birthday in 2006. The love of making images was rekindled and he concentrated his efforts in developing his photographic work.

He is now a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society specialising in Visual Art and holds an EFIAP (Excellence, International Federation of Photographic Art). His images have won over thirty awards in International Salons and Exhibitions and have been accepted in over thirty countries.

He was a Trustee and member of the Council of the Royal Photographic Society (2012-2017) and Chair of the RPS Education Committee (2013-2015). He Chaired the RPS Digital Imaging Group (2011-2014) and was editor of the Group’s quarterly magazine, ‘DIGIT’ (2010-2014) as well at the RPS Visual Art Group magazine ‘Visual Art’ (2010-2016)

David is a Co-Founder of ‘The Creativity Collective’ and edits its publications as well as teaching on courses for the Collective.

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