Floral Photography Workshop: Barnsley House (2 days)


Date: 27th-28th March 2019 |
Time: 10am-4pm both days |
Location: Barnsley House, Gloucestershire |
Your Tutors: Ria Mishaal FRPS, David F Cooke FRPS EFIAP  |

The workshop comprises:
* 2 day workshop, in person with two tutors allowing individual attention (max. 8 attendees)
* A beautiful full colour 152 page course book, containing all the technical information you need, illustrated examples and 18 activities for you to advance your floral photography
* Membership to a dedicated, private Facebook group of enthusiasts who want to capture stunning images of their floral arrangements and displays
*A written portfolio review of 20 of your images, which must be claimed within 6 month of your purchase
* The opportunity to photograph your floral displays against the spectacular backdrop of Barnsley House in the Cotswolds
* Two or three course lunch, both days, in Barnsley House’s famous Potager restaurant |

‘Ria’s generosity of knowledge, her inspiring technical skills and her all round creative brilliance allowed me to produce images I was really proud of!’ – Claudia (Beattie Bailey)


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This Floral Photography Workshop is designed for those who are keen to master manual control of their camera, who want to learn how to capture their vision in photographs and develop their creativity. It is suitable for those who love flowers and established florists alike.

This comprehensive two day course will explore everything from exploring the quantity, quality and direction of light and how to manipulate it, to setting up a home studio and shooting on location. We will dive into a start to finish workflow, from really understanding how to use your camera for your creative vision, composition, styling and editing with live shoots and practical demonstrations.

While I will have some beautiful floral arrangements on site for you to practise photographing, you also have the option to bring a small floral arrangement of your own to photograph.


This course assumes no previous knowledge of the technical side of photography, but it will be useful for you to know your way around a camera.

We will cover:

1. Technical
* Looking at the different cameras and lenses (and phones) you can use and the relative benefits of each
* Learning how to use your own camera or phone

2. Light
* Exploring quantity, quality and direction of light
* Working with natural and artificial light
* Inexpensive solutions to lighting poorly lit situations
* Exploring camera settings and equipment choice and their effect on the image
* Looking at the effect of colour temperature of light and how to manipulate it

3. Location
*A home studio setup
* Working on location, indoors and outside
* Composition & Styling
* Basic compositional rules
* Learning how to style and compose your image

4. The shoot
* We will do a light and airy setup and a Dutch masters setup using your flowers to see how we can manipulate light and what camera settings to use to achieve to dramatically different looks with the same available light.

5. Introduction to editing
* We will do a live edit of some students’ work taken on the course to illustrate what is possible using Adobe Lightroom.

You will get a copy of our 150 page full colour course book, containing all the detailed lessons from the day plus more discussion on composition and styling, with 18 guided activities for you to explore the principles, facilitating months of continued learning.

Membership to our dedicated private online group allows you to share your work and ask questions as you learn.

You will also get an individual written portfolio review of 20 of your images, which must be claimed within 6 month of your purchase

What students have to say:


This course more than met my expectations! I loved being able to shoot in real situations and I learnt so much. Things I knew before finally made sense!

Claudia (Just Joey On The Moon)

This is so much more than a photography workshop! Not just all the technical learning but I loved the creative styling, set up and composition work. An all round masterclass. It went beyond my expectations and is so much more than as advertised. That BOOK is amazing, what an amazing addition. Ria’s generosity of knowledge, her inspiring technical skills and her all round creative brilliance allowed me to produce images I was really proud of!

Portia (Flowers By Passion)

This course was really fantastic, I was really impressed with how much ground we covered in such a short space of time. Ria was so patient and clear with her technical explanations. She touched on so many different aspects of photography – my mind is buzzing! The book is absolutely an absolutely amazing resource!

Erin (Flowers By Passion)

It was a really enjoyable day. I feel I have learnt a lot and I can’t wait to go away and start practicing the techniques. Ria was really generous with her knowledge and also gave us a lot of creative ideas too in terms of backdrops and styling. I highly recommend this course!

Sarah (Sarah Guild Floral Design)

Thank you so much for a wonderful day – the course met my hopes and aspirations and more! Ria explained everything so well. There’s been so much work, effort and passion to create this course and it shows!

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