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Welcome to The Creativity Collective

Welcome. This is The Creativity Collective’s blog (TCC blog) written by me, Ria Mishaal.

My father David F Cooke and I co-founded TCC to provide interactive and inspiring photography education for those who are passionate about developing their creativity. We saw a need for courses that provided both developed teaching and the support for interactive growth in skills and creativity.

Our focus on great teaching, helping people hone their creativity and achieving excellence is enabled by:

* Developed teaching: in-person courses and course book
* Nurturing creativity: emphasis on developing independent creativity
* Supportive community: focussed and positive community
* Motivating action: activities and reviews to help you get feedback as you grow

To this end, this blog aims to create a community resource for photography enthusiasts and professionals seeking to grow their independent creativity.

Image by Ria Mishaal

The readers of this blog may range from keen amateur photographers (and creative entrepreneurs) who wish to become more proficient in their photographic skills and creative ability, to photographers wanting to learn more about business, productivity and hone their craft. The posts will tackle topics from photography techniques and exploration of the creative process to productivity and business topics as well as ways to live a happier life as a creative entrepreneur living in the world now.

I intend to post three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays regularly tackling each of the key topics. As this is a community resource, I would love to invite you to become a part of it. If you are interested in writing a guest piece for this blog on a topic close to your heart or skill set, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

We will regularly be sending out a newsletter, featuring our top posts and letting you know about upcoming courses and learning opportunities. We will share promotional rates only available to our newsletter community, so if you want to come along for the ride, please do sign up to the newsletter HERE. To say thank you, you will be able to download our 19-page guide: 15 guidelines for learning photographers.

To make this truly valuable, we need you to be a part of this journey.

In January, we will be launching two interactive exercises:

TCC blog is a community resource, so please let us know what you want to see here, what content is useful and what would support you in your growing creativity in photography. We openly invite questions and topic suggestions, please feel free to email these to us or to mention us @learnwithtcc on social media with your suggestions.

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The Creativity Collective’s blog is intended as a community resource exploring creativity, the art of photography and tools for happy and productive living.

It’s written by Ria Mishaal, a professional photographer fascinated by light, love and navigating life as an entrepreneur in the 21st century. Learn more about her and the rest of the TCC team here.

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